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Last year I got introduced to the Preuvenemint, an annual food festival the last weekend of August in Maastricht Netherlands. We decided to make this our yearly getaway with friends. I love pretty much everything food and wine related and besides that, Maastricht is a wonderful city to explore! I got an e-mail from Secret Escapes for a deal at The Student Hotel in Maastricht. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a ‘Student Hotel’, but the pictures looked pretty cool + it’s a hotel near Vrijthof in Maastricht (one of the most eventful squares when it comes to things to do in Maastricht and also the venue for this food festival). I’ve heard the name pop up before, because the Student Hotel already runs in numerous European cities, but never really looked into actually staying there…

When you hear students, you kind of think about those noisy (and not the most hygienic) dorms right?! I mean, yes, students can be fun and I love a good party, but not when you need to get up early to work or got some exploring to do (ugh, I feel like that Granny that needs a Snicker right now 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣). So, let me fill you in on the concept, my 2-night stay at The Student Hotel Maastricht and what to expect from The Student Hotel!

The Student Hotel concept

The idea originated in Amsterdam, when Scottish founder Charlie McGregor experienced the shortage of student housing, an issue that a lot of big student cities have to struggle with. He came up with this modern concept of quality shared common facilities where people get encouraged to come together, have some fun, connect with each other and get inspired by the progressive and creative atmosphere. The initial plan for the Student Hotel was just student housing, but soon grew into a whole new innovative concept: a place to live, work, travel and where we can redefine the student inside of us.

These days the Student Hotel has fully furnished studio’s for short stay (2 weeks until 1 year), shared student facilities, modern hotel rooms and flexible co-working spaces in European cities, like Paris, Dresden and Florence. And there will be more soon, because their goal is to have 41 properties all over Europe by 2021! The best part about this concept is that The Student Hotels are centrally located and the student housing areas are designed to limit any inconvenience with hotel guests!

The Student Hotel Maastricht opened this year in an old Dutch factory, a style the hotel really embraces when it comes to the design.

The student hotel design

The unique Student Hotel design is one of the things that made me decide to book. And yes, I know how deceptive hotel pictures can be  sometimes (I’ve had a fair share of them too 🙈), but in this case they for sure meet the experience! With the hotel being located in an old factory building in Maastricht it honors that industrial touch, yet with a laid-back and cozy modern style that suits the concept! Oh, and did I mention they have a slide, a big net to lounge in and a sky bar? 😏 It’s pretty much back to school, but a darn cool school if you ask me…

This same style is an inspiration for the minimalist, but therefor pretty spacious and comfortable rooms. The bathroom is very decent and covers all the basic needs.

my student hotel experience

The Student Hotel Maastricht has a very casual check-in area, where young enthusiastic staff members will wait for you or you can use one of the self check in/out desks. 

As we arrived at the Student Hotel in Maastricht we were unable to find our reservation. They immediately apologized, started arranging for us to store our luggage and gave us some vouchers to enjoy a free drink at the bar/restaurant, while they handled the situation promptly. Cheers to that!

This is also the place to find a small buffet breakfast in the morning, enjoy some food for lunch or dinner and downstairs is a small club. One of the staff members welcomed us to collect the room keys, but the sweet potato chips on the snack menu begged for my attention first 😍

The first things I noticed when we got to the room were the large characteristic windows and the desk with coffee and tea facilities; because nothing beats waking up to a nice cup of coffee if you ask me! Another great feature of the room is that they actually have a power plug IN your bed, so you can charge your electronics easily on the side of the bed! And usually I’m longing for my own bed, but this time I was dying to bring this one home! Kinda regret not giving it a try though…  😂

The individual studios are also equipped with a kitchenette, so basically you’ve got all you need!

great coffee ✓
great bed ✓
nice shower ✓
chill atmosphere ✓
no nuisance ✓

What else can you ask for in a hotel? 😌

what to expect from the student hotel

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from The Student Hotel, but I have to say I was gladly surprised. There’s just this nice and relaxed vibe that got me inspired on so many levels! Although you may think that the student housing means chaos, it’s not; everything is well thought out and taken care of. I’m actually thinking about staying here next year when we visit the Preuvenemint again! 

What do you think about this concept? Would you consider a stay in The Student Hotel? Let me know in the comments!

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