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Only 1 in 10 travelers get local advice from their hotel’s staff. The rest are recurring to other online platforms, books, blogs and advice from friends. I want your hotel to reach the remaining 9 guest! Let me help you share local advice and improve your guest experience!

Get your hotel a Neighborhood Guide by WanderFullyInspired!

Hotel staff often have valuable local knowledge about things to do in their neighborhood. I work with Arrivedo, a platform that allows hotels to organize their local recommendations via an online Neighborhood Guide, which they can easily share with guests. The value offered by Arrivedo is a combination of personalized content organized online so that it can be easily distributed to guests through various platforms. Let’s add some value to your hotel and give it a voice, by letting me create an unique and inviting Neighborhood Guide for your guests!

What is a Neighborhood Guide?

A Neighborhood Guide is an online collection of 8-10 articles showcasing a hotel’s personalized recommendations on what do in the area. Different themes ranging from convenient tips, restaurants, nightlife, routes, outdoor adventure, cultural activities and more can be subjects of these articles. All content is written with SEO keywords and includes maps, photos and directions from the hotel to the recommended places.

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How does it work?

As a certified Arrivedo writer I interview hotels to gather unique local knowledge, and then curate a personalized Neighborhood Guide. Arrivedo provides hotels channels to distribute the articles and neighborhood guide to their guests, such as their website, widgets, automatized emails or directly via front desk staff. This helps travelers find things to do around your hotel and ultimately will help you build a reputation as a local host!

The only thing your hotel needs to do is share your local knowledge in a 45 minute interview. This can be done upfront via a digital survey, a Skype-call, or face-to-face interview during my visit. If you prefer a Skype-call or a face-to-face interview, I will send you the questions, so you can prepare a little. After the interview you will receive a personalized Neighborhood Guide with a collection of 8-10 SEO articles with maps & directions, high quality photos and SEO keywords to benefit your guests. The hotel is allowed one round of feedback. Once corrections are made, the content will be published on the hotel’s profile on the Arrivedo platform and WanderFullyInspired website. Once your Neighborhood Guide is delivered, you will have an account with access to edit content. Of course you can also contact me if you need any needed updates!

No monthly fees!

Using Arrivedo’s technology to organize a Neighborhood Guide and distributing it to your guests is absolutely free. Your hotel will not pay monthly fees or any amount of money to Arrivedo. There’s only a one-time set-up fee, depending on the desired content, to create the personalized Hotel Neighborhood Guide. For this one-time fee your hotel will get:

  • A 45-min in-depth interview to the hotel’s staff (online survey, Skype, or interview in person).
  • A collection of 8-10 articles written with SEO keywords written by a professional travel writer.
  • Mapping technology that pins places of interest in relation to the hotel’s location.
  • High quality photo sourcing or professional photographing when I stay at the hotel.
  • Content Ownership (the hotel will own the content within the Arrivedo platform).
  • A unique website URL.
  • Free neighborhood widget to install on hotel website.
  • Free integration of Neighborhood Guide with hotel’s welcome email to guests.
  • Push to Phone Technology.
  • Improve guests experience: a possibility to add value, reach out, recommend and communicate with your guests.
  • Great results if your hotel uses all the given tools.
  • Your Neighborhood Guide will be shared on the Arrivedo and WanderFullyInspired platform(s).
  • A review of my stay will be posted on this website and Instagram.

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