Best Ways to Get Cheap Flights

These days traveling is more accessible than ever before, so why spend too much money on flight(s)? Find out how you can get cheap(er) flights and save money on your plane tickets, so you can travel even more!

Get cheap flights

Online tools for cheap flights

We’re quite lucky we have the internet now! I mean, with a few simple clicks you can find the best deals online or just simply subscribe to one of many newsletters that keeps you updated on the best airfares. But you also have handy tools like Airfarewatchdog’s ‘Cheapest Month’, flight alarms and one of my favorites FareCompare’s ‘Getaway Map’. Nowadays the world wide web is a Walhalla for cheap plane tickets. So don’t just check one of the available tools, but check several to make sure you really got the best deal out there!

When to book your flight

We’ve all heard about last-minutes: “the longer you wait, the cheaper it gets”. And in some cases that might be right, but usually not when it comes to plane tickets with bigger (premium) airlines. They schedule way upfront and have a regular flight schedule, so if you want the best deal it’s definitely advisable to book as much upfront as possible. And there’s always the option of using a flight alarm!

Budget airlines offer cheaper flights

There are a lot of budget airlines that offer affordable plane tickets these days. Look into airlines like Lufthansa or WOW. They might not offer you the all the comfort and luxury, but it sure makes it easier to travel! Do keep in mind that these airlines often charge extra fees or have different restrictions for things like baggage.

cheaper flights for weekdays

departure days cheap flights

Flights that departure on weekends are usually more expensive than when you departure on weekdays, but always make sure to compare different departure days. So try to keep your travel dates a little flexible if you want a cheap(er) flight!

The same goes for national holidays, special events or school breaks; plane tickets tend to get more expensive. This doesn’t just count for your country of residence, but also for the country your visiting. So always make sure you’re aware of such events, because it also means that some stops on your itinerary may have different opening hours.

alternative airports

Don’t just look for flights from the nearest airports, but also consider other cheaper airports. For example, use Eindhoven Airport instead of Schiphol Airport, or go from Newark instead of JFK. It might be worth a little travel!

alternative airports cheap flights

connecting flights

I know it’s not the most convenient way of traveling, but it can save you a lot of money when you consider taking a connecting flight. So don’t just look for nonstop flights!

cheaper flights for frequent routes

Often you can find a great bargain on frequent flight routes. Although these destinations change over time, places like London, New York, Amsterdam or Manila can be really cheap, so definitely keep an eye open for deals like this.

cheaper flights off-season

Some seasons are cheaper than others. As mentioned, holiday season usually gets more expensive, but so does high season when it comes to a lot of places. So if you’re not necessarily looking for perfect weather, traveling off-season can be a much cheaper option too!


frequent flyer programs

A lot of airlines have some sort of frequent flyer program that offer nice extras, discounts or even free plane tickets. So make sure to apply to the program of your most frequently used airline so you don’t miss out on all the benefits!

clean your web-cache after your search

search flights cache

I still don’t know if this rumor is all that accurate: cleaning out your web-cache after a search. We’ve all heard of cookies and know a little about online tracking, so these websites must know about our searches.

Changes in price are commonly based on demand, so if you do a lot of the same searches, fares may go up and airlines and travel websites can use your search history against you. Like I said, I’m not stating this as a fact, but it never hurts right?!

Do you think your web-cache effects airfares?
Any other tips on finding cheap flights?
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