10 Fun Facts about Aruba

The Island Aruba has beautiful beaches, warm water and is the ideal
destination if you’re looking for a place to kick back, relax and be pampered! Okay, you’re probably sold by now already and I can’t blame you..
But here are 10 fun facts about Aruba that you probably didn’t know yet!

10 Fun Facts Aruba

1. The Archaeological Museum of Aruba has age-old objects on the origin and culture of the first inhabitants of the island, that go back to 2500 before Christ. Quite impressive!

2. With several WW II wrecks near the coastline, Aruba is THE wreck-diving capital of the Caribbean!

3. Aruba has a lot of wild animals like goats, donkeys, turtles and (a farm with no less than 80) ostriches.

4. The flamingos are actually a tourist trap. There is a private island owned by a resort with precisely 4 flamingos and if you’re not staying in the resort you have to pay quite the price.

5. Almost 20% of the island is a National Park with attractions like a natural pool, rock formations, white beaches and caves with age-old pictographs.

6. Since Aruba used to be a colony of The Netherlands, not only the Dutch kitchen, but also the Indonesian kitchen has had influence on the daily food of people from Aruba.You can eat dishes like bami, nasi goreng, egg roll or (the Dutch treat) ‘bitterballen’ (breaded and deep-fried Ragout).

7. Every country has their national sport, on Aruba it’s baseball.

8. Aruba is a pioneer in water purification techniques (which means it’s clean, the taste is really good, so you can drink straight out of the tap!).

9. On bright days you can see Venezuela.

10. AND last, but most certainly not least: you can gamble tax-free (of course you are not allowed to bring that much cash on a plane, but they have a solution for that too: a timeshare-concept, which means that you have to go/can go back to Aruba every year)! Tough life, right?

Aruba Harbour

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